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ABS Youth Nationals 2013 Qualifier Results – 2 Spot Team Members Advance!

We are so proud of Spot Team Captain Tika Anderson and Comp Team Members Kyle Fridberg and Emily Herdic for competing in the ABS 14 Youth National Championships yesterday.

Tika Anderson – You will remember seeing Tika in several SBS finals this season. She is the Regional and Divisional Champion this year in Junior Girls and so far at Nationals she has climbed really well and is 9th after qualifiers with two flashes and 38 points.

Great job Tika!!!

Girl’s Junior Quali Results – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/FJR%20Q%20results.pdf


Kyle Fridberg – Kyle has had some unfortunate comp experiences–last year he broke his leg at Divisionals in Arizona, and this year in the week leading up to Nationals he tweaked his knee at school (turned out to be ok, phew), then got sick with a fever. He was still sick at Nationals but climbed well, ending up in 19th place overall with 1 flash and 43 points. 19th in the country!

Great job Kyle!!!

Boy’s B Quali Results – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/MYC%20Q%20results.pdf


Emily Herdic – Emily flashed one problem and finished another 2nd go (the most anyone in her category topped) and got 50 points in 10 tries for 6th place after qualifiers. She is competing in semifinals today as well.

Great job Emily!!!

Girl’s D Quali Results – ‎www.absnationals.org/08/news/FYD%20Q%20results.pdf


Semifinals are today in Colorado Springs.

‎Female Junior Semis Running Order

Male B/Female D Semis Running Order


We’ll keep you posted.

Climb Strong Spot Team!!!

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