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ABS 14 Youth National Championships – Finals Results

If you’ve been following the blog you know that we had our first ever youth finalists in an ABS Nationals, Team Captain Tika Anderson (Female Junior – 18/19) and Comp Team Athlete Emily Herdic (Female Youth D – under 11). We also had Comp Team Athlete Kyle Fridberg in Qualifiers, and he ended up in 19th overall.

Tika was 9th in Qualifiers and 7th in Semis, meaning she spent most of the comp in the top 10 and went into finals in a good place. Because of byes given to National and Continental Champions (meaning they don’t “count” in the number of competitors taken forward) her category took more climbers through each round than the other categories, and there were 14 girls competing in finals. Coach Shannon tells me that Tika climbed well. She fell from the last move of problem 2, and on problem 3 there was a press into a corner followed by a dyno, and Tika wasn’t quite able to get up into the corner well enough to jump, but after the jump it looked very doable. Unfortunately she didn’t get through and ended up in 13th overall. We are extremely proud of her, this is her best National placing ever, and she represented The Spot well through the rounds. She is young for the category and has another year of Junior Nationals still before she ages into adults. Great job Tika on all your hard work and in climbing well throughout the comp!!!

Emily was 6th in Qualifiers and 3rd in Semifinals, so she also was in a very good position throughout the comp. Her category took 10 girls to finals. In the end Emily took 9th. The coaches who were present at Nationals told me that Emily climbed well through the competition but was tired the last day and not feeling her best. She still gave a phenomenal effort and we are extremely proud of her for making finals, especially since it’s only her first season of competition!!! Great job Emily!!!

We are super proud of our Spot Team Competitors in representing The Spot so well at ABS 14 Youth Nationals, and after some outdoor climbing this spring and summer we are looking forward to next season.

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Great job Team!!!

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