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Quick Setting Update – UPDATED

1st world climbing problems
Hopefully everyone will be glad to hear that we reset the Dojo. Last week it was 2 days on the Right Dojo, this week two days on the Left. We got a bunch of new e-Grips and Teknik as well, most of which are on the roof as we got them on Tuesday this week just before we reset it. We’re keeping a few for the Beach next week though, which we’re setting just before the new floor goes in April 6th and 7th.

Last week I was in Puerto Rico but everyone else was around (including the constantly-traveling Jon!) This week we were a bit low on setters as Jon, Connor, Jay Jay, and Lily are all gone. Danny, Ian, Jonny, and I were joined by guest setter Chris Schulte.


Chris recently returned from a two-month trip to France and Switzerland. Last fall he helped us with the Hueco reset and repair, so he is intimately familiar with the complexities of Spot t-nuts. He’s also done short stints setting at other gyms, though he rarely climbs inside. For the Dojo Chris put up several lines, my favorite of which is the neon green 4 spot on the far right side of the Dojo by the Yosemite. It’s very balancy and technical. Check it out!

UPDATE – We made a Guest Setter page for Chris: Chris Schulte | The Spot Route Setting Blog

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