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Quick Setting Update + Loop Holds on the BHCL

Start Tape The Spot Gym

Quick Setting Update

We were going to reset just Front Hueco this week but we had enough setters to take down the whole boulder and get a pretty good fill up on Tuesday and Wednesday, and Lily and Ian Powell came in early Thursday morning to add even more problems! We’ve had a mix of feedback on the new/old grade scale and have been adding “bridge” problems at the upper and lower ends of all the spot grades SO, for example, you may find some 4 spots easier or more difficult than others because they are part of the bridge to 4- or 4+. We’ve tried to do this through the grade scale this week on the Hueco and last week on the Font, so hopefully this will help folks find problems to work on to take the step up to the next grade.


Loop Holds on the Big Hold Company List

Loop HOLDSJust heard of this company via Facebook. They’re pouring polyurethane and have a small pro team that includes Brazilian crusher Felipe Camargo.

Loop Climbing Holds

I have mixed feelings on their offerings, but variety is the spice of life, right? Also they seem to offer rubber bolt-hole plugs (to prevent the cheater’s thumb catch) which is cool.

Check out the Loop site here: LOOP WEAR & HOLDS. They are located in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain. We’ve also added them to The Big Hold Company List (links and a dropdown for different regions in the top menu).

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