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Jon Glassberg Goes Guest

Jon at his "other" job

Jon at his “other” job

As you probably know, longtime Spot setter Jon Glassberg is 1/2 of the media and production company Louder Than 11. In addition to their many free videos, LT11 has been doing more and more production work, both in the climbing industry and in other industries. Perhaps you’ve watched a comp live feed recently, something like ABS Nationals or SCS Nationals? Both were Louder Than 11.

Jon and Jordan of LT11 holding down ABS Nationals 2013

Jon and Jordan of LT11 holding down ABS Nationals 2013

This bout of more professional work means that Jon has been traveling a lot lately, and therefore not setting as much. The trend is only continuing, so Jon will continue setting at The Spot on more of a guest setter basis, as he just isn’t able to come in most weeks. If you want to read more about Jon and see some videos and links, we’ve updated his setting profile and moved it to the Guest Setters section. You can read it here: Jon Glassberg | The Spot Route Setting Blog

We are proud that Jon and LT11 are seeing so much success, and though we’ll miss him on the regular setting crew, we are happy to support him as he transitions to more full-time media production work. Congrats Jon!

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