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IFSC Bouldering World Cup 2013 #4 – Log Dragomer, Slovenia – Women’s Qualifiers Results

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Women’s Qualifiers

Women's Qualis, from right, problems 1 and 2 for both groups.

Women’s Qualis, from right, problems 1 and 2 for both groups.

Women’s Quali 1

The first problem for each quali group (the rightmost two problems in the picture above) were identical or nearly identical. You can see Melissa Le Neve of group B in the middle of one of them.

Women’s Quali 2

The second problems were quite different. On the far left is Alex Puccio on Group B Problem 2. The problem was balancy and technical but it got done and Alex was one of the girls who sent it.

In the middle of the photo above is Shauna Coxsey on Group A Problem 2. This problem looked very balancy as well and the bottom was ok but the last two moves were causing some major issues. Shauna fell at the very top, Anna Stöhr just a tad lower. I didn’t watch all of qualis but I didn’t see anyone send it, and only one climber in Group B had 5 tops, so I’m guessing she was the only person to finish this one. That climber was Olga Iakovlena of Russia, and I don’t know anything about her but so far this season she took 7th last event in Kitzbühel, 16th in Millau, and 14th in Chongqing. She got 2nd at the 2012 World Championships in Paris, so clearly she is a competitor to keep an eye on.


Women's 3

Women’s 3

Women’s Quali 3

These looked a bit easier, and were quickly dispatched by some of the strongest girls. Anna Stöhr is on the left on A3, Akiyo Noguchi on the right on B3. Both sent.


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Alex Puccio and Shauna Coxsey on Women’s 4

Women’s Quali 4

Alex is on B4, Shauna is on A4. On B4, which looked powerful, Alex hiked to this point, then fell from the last move. She then fell from the last move again, then off the bottom a couple of times in the last seconds. She looked to be having friction issues. She didn’t finish this one, but she did the other 4 and goes into Semis tied for 6th. Shauna sent.


Women's Quali 5

Women’s Quali 5

Women’s Quali 5

Again, fairly different. Both got done.


Women’s Quali Results

Top 20 go to semifinals. I’m posting them all though to save you the trouble of the IFSC’s website cause I can’t find a permalink.

Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 11.54.06 AMScreen Shot 2013-05-11 at 11.54.20 AMScreen Shot 2013-05-11 at 11.54.37 AM

Some strong climbers who have been doing well this season are out including Swiss climber Petra Klingler, who qualified first in Kitzbuhel.


Watch the Qualifiers replay here:

[LIVE] IFSC Climbing World Cup Log Dragomer 2013 – Bouldering – Qualifications Women – YouTube


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