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IFSC Bouldering World Cup 2013 #4 – Log Dragomer – Semifinals

Here’s the live feed replay:

The Finalists


Female Finalists Bouldering World Cup Log Dragomer Slovenia

Mina Markovic will be glad to be coming into finals in such strong position. She won this event last year and Slovenia is her home country.

Anna Stöhr, Akiyo Noguchi, Shauna Coxsey, and Melissa Le Neve are finals regulars and we’re glad to see them all in finals here.

Unfortunately for Team USA, Alex Puccio seems to be out of finals by virtue of 3 tries to bonus. Anne-Laure has a score of 2 tops in 2 tries, 3 bonus in 4 tries. Alex has 2 tops in 2 tries, 3 bonus in 7 tries.

Alex has been performing well this season so far, with two 3rd place finishes and one 4th place finish, i.e. she’s made finals every comp til now. We’re sure she’s very disappointed but we’re still super impressed with her constant good results and super proud that Alex is out there representing Team USA so well in the World Cups! Keep it up Alex!

This will be Anne-Laure’s first finals since 2011 in Eindhoven. Last year in Log Dragomer she was just out of finals, in 7th place.



Male Finalists Bouldering World Cup Slovenia 2013

The men’s final is an interesting group.

This is Australian James Kassay’s first Bouldering World Cup Final. He has been looking strong this comp, and it will be exciting to see how he will perform in finals. Nice job James!

Cédric Lachat is back (5th in Kitzbuhel), as is Thomas Tauporn (4th in Kitzbuhel).

Sean McColl is in his first final of the season, after taking 7th last comp, as is Jan Hojer, after 13th in China (comp 1) and 9th in Kitzbuhel (comp 3).

Dimitrii has been in every finals this season, though he only won the first, in China. He is currently ranked first in the world.

Notably out:

After not making semis in Kitzbuhel, then coming back to 2nd place in qualifiers in this event, Kilian Fischhuber is again out of finals, ending up in 15th place with only 1 top in semis.

Most of the men who made semis have been to finals at least once in a World Cup, some this season. It’s crazy how strong the field is.

Full Semi Results:

Semi-Final M E N bouldering

Semi-Final W O M E N bouldering


Finals are live today starting at 11am (Boulder, CO, USA time) here: IFSC Climbing

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