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IFSC Bouldering World Cup 2013 #5 – Innsbruck – Men’s Quali Results

IFSC Bouldering World Cup Innsbruck 2013 Stop 5 Men's Qualifiers


Men’s Qualifiers

The set-up in Innsbruck is much like in Vail in that the wall is outdoors and covered by a giant tent. Also much like Vail, it rained during qualifiers, and as the first two men’s problems were not protected by the tent, they got wet. Climbing was first delayed, then suspended on those problems, and eventually they scrapped the results for problem 1, so all who’d climbed it did extra work for no gain, and all who didn’t, well, didn’t.

Men’s qualis ended up being scored on problems 2-5 for each quali group. I also wonder if the intermittent storms didn’t affect the climbing in other ways, as many problems were volume heavy and with the storm comes more humidity and probably less friction, especially on the volumes. In either case, here’re the top results of qualifiers. There were ties, so 22 men are advancing to semis.

IFSC Bouldering World Cup Innsbruck 2013 Men's Qualifier ResultsScreen Shot 2013-05-17 at 10.40.41 AM


The Austrians have new uniforms–teal/green tops for the men, pink for the women. As this is home ground, they had the most competitors, for the men they had 9, with 4 going to semis.

Kili showing off the men's new teal uniforms.

Kili showing off the men’s new teal uniforms while flashing quali 1.

Interesting that Rustam Gelmanov was the only guy to flash every problem in his category. Maybe it’s his new haircut–a skullet with what appears to be a cross bleached into the middle of the back of it. I don’t think I have a good picture of it, but if you start the qualis live feed replay you’ll see it pretty much straight off as he stands in front of the camera before climbing problem 1. Maybe 10 minutes in?

In Category A, 4 men flashed everything. I watched Jan Hojer have a hard time on his problem 1, which was eventually cut anyways, but I guess he had a hard time throughout qualifiers. Still, he squeaked into semis, which is good enough. Out of the last six guys who made semis, 5 of them (all but Mauricio) have stood on the podium at a Bouldering World Cup. James Kassay of Australia, who was in finals (so top 6) at the last event in Log-Dragomer, is in 41st here, out of 69 male competitors. Just goes to show how hard these competitions can be. Conditions may have also played a part for at least some of these competitors.

Here are a couple of awesome moves I saw from the men. Sorry they are so small:

Innsbruck Bouldering World Cup heel hook

Underflag heel hook

Figure 4 heelhook with knee bar flag

Figure 4 heelhook with knee bar flag


Full Quali Results

Result: Qualification (A) M E N bouldering

Result: Qualification (B) M E N bouldering


Innsbruck 2013 Men’s General Results


Rewatch the Qualifiers Live Feed


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