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Setting Update! + NEW KILTER!

Kilter Grips Sandstone

Kilter Grips Sandstone

Beautiful, isn’t it? This is one of the new holds from Kilter Grips that we ordered at The Spot. We bought their whole line and I’m seriously considering buying them all again when we order next. Kilter are Ian Powell’s new holds, Ian being a founder of E-Grips and a prolific hold shaper and talented sculpture artist. He’s working to double the line soon so there’ll be even more Kilter options. What do I like about ’em? The shapes are all comfortable and they are subtle–they are shaped in a way that gives you comfortable hand positions and allows movement without unnecessary stress. They are also cut from high-quality foam for an unrivaled texture, and poured at Aragon in high quality PU so they will flex instead of breaking (similar to E-Grips, Teknik, etc). For the most part they have small bases so can fit on even the most uneven of walls. They allow setting precision superior to that of any other holds I’ve ever used. It is hard to understand from looking at the holds on the site how they will work, but when you have them in your hands you will understand the difference. Check ’em out – Kilter Grips.


Setting Update

New Left Dojo!!!

New Left Dojo

New Left Dojo

New Left Dojo

New Left Dojo

High density so you can make up your own boulders as well. New volume placements. Problems of all grades down to 2+.


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