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Element Climbing New Holds and Excellent 4th of July Sale

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We recently got some new shapes from Element Climbing including some of these Acid set holds.

Element Climbing Acid holds

Element Climbing Acid holds (typo above, Tony Reynaldo is the shaper)

I have to admit, when I first saw the Acid holds I thought they looked like a waste of material. Too much gimmick. Then I went to CWA and ended up handling a few and finding that the shapes were actually really comfortable, nice edge radii and comfortable hand positions for the ones I grabbed (like the top left in the photo above). We bought a few at that show and brought them back to the Spot and we used them during the Back Hueco set. Ours are red. We liked them. Check ’em out if you haven’t seen ’em and tell us what you think. I also checked out the large Acid feature and it’s pretty awesome. A big, comfortable hold.

For the 4th of July, Element is offering an amazing discount of 30% off orders of Acid holds and Formula sets. The 15% off all other holds is a great deal as well. You can get to their sale by clicking the sale banner below.


I should note that Element did not ask me to talk about this sale, I’m a newsletter subscriber and I’m sharing because I like the holds we’ve gotten from them so far and I think variety in a gym is important. If you don’t have any holds from Element I strongly suggest checking them out. Some favorites of mine:

Catalyst Roof Jugs

Catalyst Roof Jugs

Element Climbing Holds – Catalyst Roof Jugs

We first got a set of these for the Hold Review 2 years ago. They’re still going strong and I think they’re incredible. Great dual-tex, very comfortable to hold, really fun to set with. We got another at the CWA and I’ll buy more when I get the chance.


Element Climbing Vortex II

Element Climbing Vortex II

Element Climbing Holds – Vortex II Sloper

We have this on back Hueco, it is gray. Yes it looks like a likely spinner, but no problems so far. A stubby, comfortable feature that can be used on a variety of grades.


Elevation Roof Jugs

Elevation Roof Jugs

Element Climbing Holds – Elevation Roof Jugs

Ours are neon orange and they are so very incut and so very comfortable. Super super juggy but fairly low profile and small so they’re not heavy and you don’t take up the whole wall with ’em. Perfect for long steep roofs like The Dojo. Another set I will order multiples of next time we get holds from Element.


Element has lots of other styles of hold to offer, so check out their website and get ’em while this deal lasts.

Element Climbing – Rock Climbing Holds, T-Nuts, Hardware, and Accessories


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