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Setter Try-Out Day!

The Setters

The Setters. With their tape color in (), from left: Alex Manikowski (dark blue), Aubrey Wingo (dark green), Ben Chapman (dark brown), Casper Granado (kneeling, dark orange), Justin Sinisi (teal), Michael O’Rourke (neon orange), Wesley Fowler (flat pink), Dalton DeBoer (neon pink), Garrett Adler (purple). Not pictured: Craig Emerson (tan).

We tried something new yesterday at The Spot and ran a setter try-out day on The Beach as part of the comp reset. 10 setters (1 had to leave early, so not pictured) came in, each were given a color of tape and some problem assignments, and off they went. Each setter’s problems are labeled 1-3, 4, or 5 (depending on how many they set) and there are survey papers on both ends of the Beach for you to fill out and tell us which problems you like and which you don’t. It should be pretty easy to tell them apart, besides the comp problems all the problems on the Beach are from the setting tryout. Just tell us the boulder (i.e. green 3 would be Green setter, problem label 3) and if it has great moves and flow, or is reachy or scrunchy, or looks awesome, or whatever you think.

Thanks a ton to the setters, many who work at other gyms, who came down and worked with us yesterday. Every one of them did a great job lending their own unique style to The Spot. Enjoy the boulders!

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