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Hold Review – Capital Climbing

Capital Climbing Logo

Up and coming yet accomplished hold shaper Chris Neal has started his own company, Capital Climbing. From all the photos we’ve seen Capital’s initial offerings look pretty awesome, and a few months ago they sent us a few holds to try out. See packaging and initial impressions here:

Capital Climbing Initial Impressions



The holds are poured by Element Climbing. Element has a solid mix with high-quality texture that has been holding up great with all the holds we’ve gotten that were poured by them (Element, Enix, and Capital) so we feel comfortable ordering from them. We haven’t had any polishing issues thus far. Their colors are great and this green in particular is a favorite–it really pops!



You can find these on the River, on a yellow problem mid-right river, a pink 4 by the river arete, and on a dark green 5- that runs across the left river.

Close-up of the Capital Climbing Small Clasts

Comfortable rounded edges.

The Small Clasts are comfortable rounded edges.

The Yay

These little holds are some of my new favorites.

Nice, comfortable, slightly incut rounded edges that make good gastons and side pulls.

Capital Climbing Small Clasts

Side view.

Fun to climb on.

The artistic touches are well done and add visually to the shape.

The Nay

The smallest of the 10 is a little smaller than I’d like it to be in that you load 1-2 fingers instead of three or all four like the rest of the set. This is fine, probably good for creating options, but it just isn’t as comfortable as the others.

The edges of the holds are a tad soft so if you rub them together you can dent the edges a little, so we were worried at first. We got them in the late fall and six months later they are holding up great and we haven’t had any quality or breaking issues.


Font Slopers

Pink Font Slopers. You can find one on the Beach and the other four on a cool outward-facing problem just left of the River arete.

Large Font Slopers.

Fun blob slopers with Fontainebleau-style detailing.

The Yay

Good shapes, useful for pressing problems and good for pulling on as well.

Nice sloper and slopey pinch set.

Pretty to look at.

Capital Climbing Medium Font Sloper

The Nay

Like the Clasts, these Font Slopers have soft edges. Also like the Clasts, it hasn’t been an issue in the 6+ months we’ve had them.

The cuts between the font texture are narrow and deep. I think it’d be nice if they were a bit smoother and shallower, like the actual rock, so the texture was a bit more useful for the climber. The sharp lines don’t affect your climbing experience negatively at all, but a bit smoother in the lines could give you more of the texture he was probably going for here.


Striation Sloper

Another shot of it with a wrench for size.

Side view. Can’t find my “on the wall” shot of this one. Will update when I find it.

One of a set of 3XL features.

The Yay

This thing is awesome.

A big, comfortable, moderate sloper feature with rounded edges.

Fantastic texture.

We love it.

The Nay

We’ve got nothing even slightly negative to say about this hold. It’s amazing. The other two probably are as well. Here’s a picture. Buy them.

Striations Sloper Set

Striations 3XL Sloper Set



A very professional first offering from Capital. The holds are top quality in design, texture, and material, and we can’t wait to order his Barnacles and other sets.

Big Barnacle Feature

Big Barnacle Feature

Chris Neal is constantly shaping, and he clearly is a foam whisperer. We are very excited to see what he will come up with next!


More from Capital


Fracture Feature

Capital Climbing Holds

This is a seconds pile. We don’t have any of these, but they all look great and we’re looking forward to getting some soon. The big Fonts look like he worked out the seams a bit more and they look like they’ll feel amazing. We can’t wait to get the rest of the Clast line! And check out those Barnacles!


Capital is poured at Element, which now owns Cheap Holds as well. See what Capital has to offer on the Cheap Holds website here: Capital Climbing Holds

Email Chris with questions, ideas, orders, etc: capitalclimbingholds@gmail.com

Like Capital Climbing on Facebook to see all their newest shapes!


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