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Hunter Damiani’s Tape Art

October 16, 2018 Leave a comment

Anyone who has been to Psychedelia before knows that the atmosphere created in the gym is an experience unlike any other. When you take your first steps through the pitch black tunnel you’re transported into another world. As you look around the fluorescent neon envelops your eyeballs. Everywhere you look things are glowing with hues you’ve never seen before. There are slides stuck to the walls, bones hanging from the boulders, and even a coffin you need to close yourself into to send. It’s like a vibrant buffet for your retinas. The first few seconds you forget you even came to climb as your brain struggles to catch up with the images received from your wide-open eyeballs. It’s an experience you really cannot find anywhere else.

One of the most punch-packing features of all the Psychedelia artwork is the tape art scenery featured on the beach, done by one of our very own routesetters, Hunter Damiani. Every year seems to top the previous as Hunter’s work gets more detailed, more ambitious, and more creative. Taking dozens of hours across multiple days, Hunter finds a way to turn a blank climbing wall into a scene even the most fantastical imaginations couldn’t believe.

Some of Hunter’s past works help elaborate on his growth and creativity with this unique art form. Let’s start with 2013. The beach featured a Día de los Muertos calavera looming over the center of the wall accompanied by smaller flower features. The size and positioning of the decorative skull made it feel like it was watching over the entire gym, reminiscent of Sauron’s all-seeing eye.


The next year was consistent with another giant head, this time an alien with some of the most impeccable facial detail. The men’s final boulder climbed right through the eyeball/spaceship bringing everyone’s attention to the imposing green face. Check out the size of this bad boy compared to the climber on the wall!


In 2015 for our Dr. Suess theme, Hunter turned your favorite childhood author into a real-life playground.


The next year was absolutely nuts. 2016 was a personal favorite of mine. The theme was Lost at Sea and Hunter really made this one pop. Not only was there a massive 18-foot-tall Spongebob enjoying some casual jellyfishing, but just about every main character from the show made an appearance. The entire beach was utilized to create an jaw-dropping scene from one of pop culture’s favorite cartoons.

2016 Sponge

2016 Pat

This brings us to last year. At this point, it became clear Hunter had mastered the tape art medium and he began to just show off. Last year was also special because for the first time Hunter and the rest of the setting crew worked together to create climbs incorporated into the artwork. The theme was video games and how could anyone besides Mario take center stage. Not only was the whole scene incredible:


but the pieces were fully integrated into the climbing. Like grabbing onto Bowser’s spiny tail:

2017 Bowser

Or doing a dyno move to squish a Goomba-painted volume straight out of Super Mario Bros! How cool is that?

2017 goomba

One thing is for sure, it’s going to be hard to top last year. But if you think we aren’t going to go all out to make sure that happens you don’t know The Spot. This year the theme is Welcome to the Jungle and although I can’t give anyway any secrets, I can say the beach tape art is going to be ridiculous! You don’t want to miss it, believe me.

Don’t miss out on this year’s action. Register today. This event regularly sells out to make sure to get your tickets while you can!

Last but not least, a big shout out to the man with the calloused, tape-tearing fingers: Hunter Damiani. These projects take hours and we’re thankful for the time he puts in to help make this event that much better.

Hunter D

For more, check out this awesome time-lapse of some of Hunter’s previous work being constructed, and the rest of our Psychedelia photo collection on the event page.

Follow Hunter. And catch more of him and the rest of your setting crew on our Instagram.

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