Natural Problems

When the Spot was built several natural problems were sculpted into the boulders.  They’re all considered bounty problems–first ascents pay cold hard cash.  Many have been sent, but a few remain to see a $ worthy effort.  We will soon post the first ascentionists of the finished problems here, so you know what problems are still up for grabs.

Left River Wall:
Crack problem on the far left (V5)
Seams – Trending up and right from wall center (V-Project)

Right River Wall:
Left Arete (V-Project)

Font Boulder:
Back Right Arete (V11)
Slab (V?)
Back Left Arete (V?)

Hueco Boulder:
#1 Project – Standing start using both right and left aretes. Follow right arete to summit, dihedral to the right if off.
#2 Book Mark (V4/5) – Sit start on the lowest holds in the dihedral. Follow holds in dihedral and on right arete to summit hueco.  VARIATION (V5/6): Exit to the left at the top avoiding the the hueco and the jug at the top.
#3 Project – Sit start same as #2 but immediately climb right across blank face to gain small underclings in the seam. Continue to the top avoiding the right arete.
#4 Project – Same as #3 but start in low hueco that is at the base of the large runnoff trough and climb left to gain the underclings in the seam.
#5 Downplay (V0) – Standing start, climb up the runoff trough through large huecos to the summit.  This is also the easiest way down from the tp of the boulder.
#6 Project – Standing start with both hands in the seam that splits the entire face under te large scoop.  Climb left through scoop pockets to obtuse arete and use pinches/liebacks to gain the summit.
#7 Crackle in a Blender (V7/8) – Sit start on lowest holds of right arete and climb left through underclings and straight up over cracked face to top.  VARIATION (V5/6): Standing start on small underclings or jump-start to opposing sidepulls.
#8 Eruption (V6/7) – (FA Isaac Caldiero) Sit start on lowest holds of arete.  Move up through 2-finger pocket and onto small crimps on slab and inside dihedral.  Top out at summit of dihedral.
#9 Attack of the Minions (V11/12) – (FA Daniel Woods) Sit start on lowest holds in corner scoops and climb up left arete and summit. VARIATION (Project): Same start, but summit to the right avoiding the left arete after the sloping sidepull on Attack of the Minions.

Traverse Left to Right (V8)
Traverse Right to Left (V?)

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