Danny Ciavarro

This is Danny.

Danny Ciavarro (DC) is a handy guy to have around. He’s a talented setter who can set a variety of styles across the grades. A highstep and heelhook specialist who can set amazing technical boulders, Danny also sets his share of jumpy power problems, tensiony mantles, fun flowy jug hauls, and pretty much everything in between. As one Spot climber said:

Danny sets like water, he can fit to whatever form is needed.

Danny is a champion at fixing stuff, cutting holds and bolts off the wall, replacing t-nuts, fixing concrete, dealing with volumes, hanging up weird Psychedelia features, washing holds, forerunning and tweaking, and all the other necessary skills for the route setting job.


Danny smoothing concrete for new t-nuts on the Hueco boulder

Danny has a degree in marketing from Oakland University in Michigan. He started setting in high school at the Planet Rock Gym in Pontiac, Michigan (around 1999/2000). In 2006 he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, where he worked for 3form, an eco-friendly architectural material manufacturer, then Revolution (his face is even on a backpack!). He loved the nearby granite bouldering in Little Cottonwood Canyon and also enjoyed visiting Joe’s Valley and other climbing areas near one of the best climbing cities in the US.

On Tuesday, Jon got back from the tradeshow and brought Danny a backpack with his picture on it from their mutual sponsor Revolution.  We made him wear it all day.

Danny wearing himself!

In Fall 2010 Danny moved to Boulder. He walked in the door on the right day and we hired him pretty much straight off and he began setting with us at The Spot. It’s been nearly 3 years and we haven’t looked back–Danny is still one of our hardest working setters and a critical part of the Spot Setting Crew.

Here’s Danny at Horsetooth

Danny Ciavarro Horsetooth Reservoir CO

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