Jon Glassberg

Jon Glassberg manages to climb pretty hard for such a beefcake.  He has two college degrees, and besides climbing and routesetting he takes pictures, makes videos, designs websites, and does production work.  Jon has been setting since around 2001. He began in gyms across the East Coast, and he started at The Spot around 2008 or 2009.

Jon and his business partner Jordan Shipman have a climbing media collective and production company called Louder Than 11. In addition to creating and posting free climbing media and providing blogspace for climbers, Jon and Jordan do full-scale professional production of photos, video, websites, media campaigns, logos, graphics, 3-D graphics, and live streaming for events. If you’ve got any sort of media need, Jon and Jordan can handle it.

Jon and Jordan of LT11 holding down ABS Nationals 2013

Jon and Jordan of LT11 holding down ABS Nationals 2013

Jon is sponsored by Marmot Clothing and EquipmentLa Sportiva, and Pusher/Revolution.

Jon also has a blog that is part of the Louder Than 11 Ensemble at ‎

Here is a video of Jon climbing in Boulder Canyon


More Jon:


Rock Rebel (article on Jon in the Lexus magazine. Don’t ask.)

Jon’s La Sportiva Ambassador Page

Jon Glassberg (jonglassberg) on Twitter

Entrevue on Stikkit – Jon Glassberg

Climbing Video: Jon Glassberg Sending The Shield (V12) | Climbing Narcissist

Jon’s Vimeo page

Jon Glassberg – YouTube


Contact Jon and the rest of the setters on our Talk to us page.

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