Lily Cornett

Lily the setting intern The Spot


Lily has graduated from an intern to a full time setter at The Spot! When she’s not traveling she is a coach at The Spot and now, since the potential we were so excited about has panned out so well, she’s a setting crew member as well.

For your review, the potential: She has a good feel for holds and the intricacy of movement, she can tell tape colors apart, draw straight lines with a marker, not fall off a ladder, pick out a bad bolt, and all those other important things. She’s also so far great at tossing holds and tools to people on ladders and boulders. So far so good Lily! Check out her problems, she signs them with her name.

Now: She’s setting great problems and we’re glad to have her on the crew!



Right now Lily is in Rifle for the summer, probably climbing everything she can get her hands on. Have fun Lily!

Follow her progress on her instagram here: Lily Instagram

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