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World Cup Round Ups for 2015 Season

August 26, 2015 Leave a comment


Well, sorry to say I didn’t manage to write anything about any of the IFSCWC Bouldering events this season. It was a short but quite exciting season, and I did watch all the comps and do podcast roundups with John Blomquist of Chalk Talk Climbing Podcast. If you are interested in our rambling about the events, check out the podcast here:

#1 Toronto

#2 Vail

#3 Haiyang

#4 Chonqing

#5 Munich (World Championship)

John and I will probably do this next season as well and we want to talk about what you want to hear about, so let us know at



IFSC Bouldering World Cup 2013 #3 – Kitzbuhel, Austria – Media Roundup

April 28, 2013 Leave a comment

World Cup Bouldering 2012 #4 – Innsbruck, Austria – Heiko Wilhelm Photos

May 20, 2012 2 comments

As usual Austrian Team Manager Heiko Wilhelm has come out with some spectacular images of the event. Here are some of my favorites:

A couple from qualis

Jain Kim with her left hand on the left start hold of Women’s Quali 3? Notice the blockers around it to prevent the heel hook | Heiko Wilhelm

Mina Markovic on Women’s Quali 2 | Heiko Wilhelm


Sean McColl Men’s Final 3 | Heiko Wilhelm

Jain Kim sticking the long move to the bonus on Women’s Final 3 | Heiko Wilhelm

Jakob Schubert nearly sending Final 2 | Heiko Wilhelm

Kilian sending the problem that would win him the comp | Heiko Wilhelm

Melissa Le Neve on Final 4 | Heiko Wilhelm

Anna for the win! | Heiko Wilhelm

Rustam, Kilian, Sean on the Men’s Podium | Heiko Wilhelm

Shauna, Anna and Melissa  |  Heiko Wilhelm

To see the rest check out the Austria Climbing Team on Facebook – Austria Climbing Team

Canadian Insanity! – Updated

October 3, 2011 Leave a comment
Yves at a World Cup in Vail

Canadian Yves Gravelle (pronounced Eve) spent some time in Boulder this summer after the World Cup. He’s planning to move back this fall, but til then he’s bouldering around his home areas. He made this short video of a few cool looking problems, but it’s not until 3.33 that you get to the business–a huge campus dyno from a volume to a sidewall.  When he catches the hold Yves looks like spiderman.  It is definitely worth watching, and we’ve gotta ask, how did he think of that?!

For those who are wondering what kind of crazy guy does dynos like that, here’s a little more about Yves:

A sculpture Yves was working on. He makes movie-quality masks and sculptures.

Predator painted. Scary!

Another in progress.
Yves skipping a sloper.
Yves and his girlfriend. Recognize her? It’s Sarah from the desk at the Spot!

Update – He’s literally just started his own company for masks and sculpture which you can check out here: Beyond This World Creation and Design

IFSC Vail World Cup 2011 Finals Rundown Problems 3 and 4 + Women’s Highlights Video. UPDATE – Men’s Highlight Video

June 6, 2011 4 comments

Ok, so with another round of pictures, here is a brief rundown of problems 3 and 4.  At the bottom are two highlights videos with all the finals problems.

Final 3s

Angie Payne took a few tries to get through the bottom of women's 3, then got stuck here, just short of the bonus hold. On the right, Jonas Baumann is doing the rose move on men's 3 before a difficult unwind and jump to the off-kilter finish hold. It took him three tries, but he eventually sent the problem. | Jackie Hueftle

To the delight of the crowd, Dmitry flashed the dyno and the boulder. | Jackie Hueftle

Jain Kim impressed everybody when she made the double heels work on this problem, but it wasn't enough to help her stick the bonus hold. | Jackie Hueftle

Chris Webb-Parsons couldn't quite stick the dyno to the double slopers. | Jackie Hueftle

Anna Stöhr hiked her way to the finish. | Jackie Hueftle

Guillaume Glairon Mondet styled his way through the rose move, but couldn't quite stick the final hold. | Jackie Hueftle

It took her four goes to get to the bonus hold, but as soon as she did Melissa La Neve kept going to the top. | Jackie Hueftle

Kilian Fischhuber handily flashed his way though all the trickery of problem 3. | Jackie Hueftle

Final finals (i.e. problem 4s)

Angie in the initial moves of womens 4 and Jonas trying hard for the flash on men's 4. It took Angie two tries to get to her bonus hold (the right of the two orange pinches) but she was unable to finish the problem. Jonas also came up just short of sending his. | Jackie Hueftle

The crowd went crazy as Dmitry flashed men's final 4 and Akiyo looked like she might flash hers as well. In the end she sent 3rd go. | Jackie Hueftle

Jain Kim also looked like she might flash, but it took her two tries to reach the top. On the powerful and tricky men's 4 Chris Webb-Parsons gave some mighty efforts, but it took him four tries to figure out the right beta and get to the bonus hold. From there he gave a few good tries but couldn't quite get to the last hold. | Jackie Hueftle

Anna Stöhr powering through final 4 | Jackie Hueftle

Power fists fro Anna as she flashes final 4 and secures her win. | Jackie Hueftle

Helmet guy stood in front of us and danced for almost the whole comp. It was entertaining, but his white helmet was reflecting sun in a way that I feel was detrimental to taking pictures. Here he is watching Kilian and Melissa try their last problems. | Jackie Hueftle

Alex Puccio also hiked this pinchy problem for the flash and a 2nd place finish. | Jackie Hueftle

Kilian flashed and won. Everyone went nuts. | Jackie Hueftle

So there it is.  Everyone gave great efforts and gave the crowd a great show.  For the final results post, click here: Vail IFSC World Cup Bouldering 2011 Final Results and for the rundown of problems 1 and 2 click here.

Problem 3 recap

Anna – f

Alex – f

Melissa – 3rd go

Jain – no top, no bonus

Akiyo – no top, no bonus

Angie – no top, no bonus


Kilian – f

Dmitry – f

Jonas – 3rd go

Rei – 8th go

Guillaume – no top, 3rd go bonus

Chris – no top, no bonus

Problem 4 recap

Anna – f

Alex – f

Melissa – no top, 1st go bonus

Jain – 2nd go

Akiyo – 3rd go

Angie – no top, 2nd go bonus


Kilian – f

Dmitry – f

Jonas – no top, 1st go bonus

Rei – no top, 3rd go bonus

Guillaume – no top, 2nd go bonus

Chris – no top, 4th go bonus

Finals Highlights Videos

Here are two short videos from Louder Than 11 featuring the Women’s and Men’s Finals.

Vail 2010 Top Falls

June 8, 2010 5 comments

I took a bunch of pictures, and over and over again my favorites were the ones of people falling.  Sorry guys, everyone likes to see you succeed, but some of these expressions and body positions are priceless.  Here are the best of the best, in reverse order:

12 – Last year’s winner Jonas Baumann just missing the flash of Men’s Semifinal 4

Jonas Baumann | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

11. Second-place finisher Tsukuru Hori falling way out from the last move on Men’s Final 2

Tsukuru Hori | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

10. Winner Daniel Woods missing the last dyno on the unsent Men’s Final 3

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

9. Canadian strong-boy Sean McColl missing the huge last move on Men’s Semi 3

Sean McColl | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

8. Alex Puccio looking for a good landing after sending Women’s Final 1

Alex Puccio | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

7. 2008 winner and World Cup Champion Kilian Fischuber not doing the dyno on Men’s Final 4

Kilian Fischuber | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

6. Again!

Kilian Fischuber | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

5. Ryan Olson taking a winger on Men’s Quali 1.  He sent 2nd 3rd try.

Ryan Olson | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

4. Wouter Jongeneelen pretty mad about missing the end dyno of Men’s Final 3. No one stuck it.

Wouter Jongeneelen | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

3. Daniel Woods sliding into home off Men’s Final 4’s starting dyno

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

2. Francois Kaiser showing some French style off Men’s Final 3

Francois Kaiser | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

1. Daniel Woods about to belly flop on his first fall off the Men’s Final 4 dyno

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle


As you all know by now, Daniel eventually stuck the dyno and won the comp.  The thing is, it was clear he’d won before he even got on this problem, but he took a beating anyways because he’s a good competitor and it was good sportsmanship for him to try his hardest to send the problem and give us all a show (a feat that he almost accomplished until the final foothold dropped him off just short of the last jug on his last try).  Thanks Daniel!  Hope you weren’t too bruised up from all of this!

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