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SBS 9 – Dyno Mite – Results!

September 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Spot SBS 9 Start Tape

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first comp of Spot Bouldering Series Season 9! Dyno Mite was a great success with a good turnout of competitors for the youth and adult sessions, a wild dyno comp with awesome jumps from all the competitors, an open final where the top 6 men and women from the main session battled it out on a single finals boulder, and a huge raffle to raise $$ for Boulder Flood Relief efforts.


Open Final Results

1. Alex Johnson                             1. Carlo Traversi

2. Margo Hayes                            2. Nicholas Milburn

3. Megan Mascarenas                3. Alex Manikowski

4. Nina Williams                            4. Matt Lubar

5. Brooke Raboutou                   5. Taylor Rose

6. Courtney Sanders                   6. Garrett Gregor

See results from the redpoint sessions here: The Spot Bouldering Gym SBS 9

Brooke Raboutou SBS 9 Open Finals by Jackie Hueftle

Youngest finalist Brooke Raboutou giving her all with some very good attempts on the Women’s Open Final


Next up – Psychedelia! Our famous blacklight competition and costume contest will be October 26th this year. Start planning your costume!


SCS Nationals 2013 – Final Results!

April 6, 2013 1 comment
Carlo and

Carlo and Charlotte Durif in finals.  |  LT11 Live Broadcast

The 2013 SCS National Championships is over and the results are in. Hopefully you all watched the comp on live feed or, if you were in Boulder, in person. The event looked exciting, with 11 women and 9 men in finals (they needed 8 American non-National or Continental Champions in finals, so they took extra until they fulfilled that that need). The routes looked hard, but not short and bouldery like last year’s. Instead, the announcers said that the routes are supposed to be true sport style, with each move progressively a bit harder than the last.


Men’s Finals

Jon Cardwell on the Men's Final

Jon Cardwell on the Men’s Final

For the men, Daniel Woods qualified in 7th and put on a fantastic performance, looking controlled and powerful throughout. It looked like he might send the route but then he fell on the top headwall. With six men left to go it was probably nerve wracking for him to wait and see how he’d end up. In the end, he dominated the field and walked away with his first SCS National Championship.

Carlo Traversi was one of the top 4 climbers in qualifiers (4 men flashed everything) and Carlo looked very strong on the finals route. He has won SCS Nationals twice (2009 and 2011) and has spent most of the last year traveling and bouldering outside. He looked good moving through the pinch, then fell trying to establish on the headwall. The performance put him just behind Daniel for 2nd place.

Noah Ridge is clearly the up-and-comer to watch, as he did well at both ABS Nationals and SCS Nationals this year. He looked like he had power to spare climbing up the route, got through the pinch, then hit the headwall and flamed out for a proud 3rd place.

Jon Cardwell and Vasya Voritnikov  both looked strong through the bottom, then fell suddenly trying to stick what looked like a slopey fat-lip gaston pinch just below the lip of the headwall. Interestingly, Jon and Vasya tied for 4th in the final and had to do a superfinal (to determine who was in 4th, since 4th place makes the National Team and 5th doesn’t), and the superfinal was another lap on the final route. Vasya looked a bit tired but climbed well.

Vasya using the kneebar.

Vasya chilling in the kneebar.

He took a kneebar rest in the middle of the route, then climbed on to the pinch he’d fallen off before. He stuck it, matched it, looked strong, then suddenly a foot slipped and he was off. Jon was next and climbed quickly and confidently through the bottom of the route.

Jon in the Superfinal

Jon in the Superfinal

He stuck the pinch where he’d fallen before, matched, and moved onto the headwall.

The move in question. Jon fell here first time around.

The move in question. Jon fell here first time around.

Jon moved out right and began up the headwall before falling on his superfinal go. It was enough to earn him 4th place and a spot on the US Team.

Jon began up the headwall before falling on his superfinal go. It was enough to earn him 4th place and a spot on the US Team.

For a moment it looked like he’d finish the route, but then he fell below Daniel’s highpoint. It was still a fantastic show and impressive that both Vasya and Jon could best their previous efforts on this low-end 5.14 route with a very short rest.

Noah Ridge (3) Daniel Woods (1) and Carlo Traversi (2)

Noah Ridge (3) Daniel Woods (1) and Carlo Traversi (2)


Women’s Finals

Charlotte Durif copping a rest early on the women's final.

Charlotte Durif just after copping a rest early on the women’s final.

In my opinion, Delaney Miller looked the strongest on the women’s final, climbing solidly through the entire route until she fell two moves from the top in a cruxy section involving a pocket that you had to hit and then rock into and cross off. Delaney hit the pocket well but got lost trying to move out of it and fell. Unlike the other competitors, Delaney didn’t even try to cop a rest on the headwall and instead just kept plugging along until she was suddenly off. A very impressive performance.

Chelsea Rude qualified in 2nd and came out looking strong. Movement is her home gym, and she certainly looked in control through the bottom section of the route. In the headwall she took a rest with both hands on two small holds on the bottom volume of the two on the headwall. The rest looked ok and Chelsea looked fairly relaxed. She went to move up to the next holds on the bottom of the next volume, flubbed it, came back down, and tried to rest again, but she looked more tired. She managed to get up to the next volume holds her next try, but then fell trying to get into the pocket.

French champion Charlotte Durif was here to win the women’s category, and win she did, as the only woman to send the women’s final. She found some kneebars in the top headwall, then after resting a bit executed a perfect dropknee and did a French blow (blowing chalk off her fingers with the relaxed detachment of an old man casually sending your project in Font on his after-work circuit) while moving to the pocket that Delaney had fallen from. From there she matched on the outside of the pocket, threw a heel-hook, crossed to the second to last hold, and easily jumped to the finish. Awesome.

Charlotte la la la la la kneebar la la

Charlotte la la la la la backen-kneebar mega rest la la

dropknee to the pocket

Did a dropknee to the pocket. Now stepping out of it.

Let's have a heel hook.

Let’s have a heel hook. Why not?

Crossing out of the heel and off the pocket NBD.

Crossing out of the heel and off the pocket NBD.

In all fairness, it did sorta kinda look like she might fall here. Maybe. But she didn’t.

Rolling out of the cross.

Rolling out of the cross.



Nice job Charlotte!

Victory lower. Nice job Charlotte!

So Charlotte won the comp, but she’s not American, so Delaney Miller is our new National Champion! Great job Delaney. As a competitor, it seems like she’s come a long way in the last couple of years and is capable of representing the USA well on the World Circuit. Good luck to her in any international comps she attends this season!

Chelsea Rude (3) Charlotte Durif (1) and Delaney Miller (2)

Chelsea Rude (3) Charlotte Durif (1) and Delaney Miller (2)


Final Results

Final Results. Jon is above Vasya due to superfinal scores, which are not reflected in their points here.

Lead Final Results. Jon is above Vasya due to superfinal scores, which are not reflected in their points here.



Speed Podium Men. Josh Levin in first, Dominic LaBarge in 2nd.

Speed Finals Women.

Women's Speed Podium.

Women’s Speed Podium. Kyra Condie in 1st.

Men's Speed Podium. Josh Levin in 1st.

Men’s Speed Podium. Josh Levin in 1st.


If you want to see more, LT11 should have highlights coming and may have live broadcast replays as well. Their video page is here – LT11

ABS 14 Open Nationals – Quali Results

February 23, 2013 1 comment
Tiffany Hensley The Spot Gym Coach ABS 14 Nationals

Spot Coach Tiffany Hensley about to finish Women’s Quali 1

We are SO PROUD of setter and coach Ian Dory, who ended up in 8th after qualis, and coach Tiffany Hensley, who is in 11th. Both will be competing in Semifinals this morning, starting at 11am (watch on live feed here!)

The Spot Gym Ian Dory ABS 14 Nationals Qualifiers

Setter and Coach Ian Dory on his first go on Quali 4. He did it next try.

While you are waiting you can watch replays of the qualifiers (most women, last 1/2 of men) here – ABS14  Nationals 2013 Qualifier Replays

We would also like to give a shout out to SBS 8 competitors Megan Mascarenas (1st), Nina Wiliams (5th), Tyler Youngwerth (20th), Kati Peters (21st), and Jesse Youngwerth (22nd); and for the men Daniel Woods (tied for 2nd), Michael O’Rourke (4th), Rob D’Anastasio (5th), Matt Wilder (9th), Jon Cardwell (11th), Ben Hoberg (13th) Matty Hong (14th), and Garrett Gregor (15th) who have all made it into Semifinals.

Matty Hong Men's 1 ABS 14 Nationals

Matty Hong on Men’s 1

ALSO props to our previous head setter Carlo Traversi, who qualified in 10th, and to Matt Lubar, who started out at The Spot and was on our youth team for quite a while. Lubar now climbs for Team ABC and he qualified in 21st, just out of finals. He is a regular fixture in SBS comps and did well in SBS Open Finals this year as well.

Nice job everyone!


ABS 14 Nationals Men’s Semi’s Running Order

‎ABS 14 Nationals Women’s Semi’s Running Order

‎ABS 14 Nationals Men’s Quali Results

‎ABS 14 Nationals Women’s Quali Results

More Info: ABS Nationals Homepage


Semi’s Live Feed (starting at 11am) – TV | Louder Than 11

“The Battle” Norway Men’s 4

September 9, 2012 2 comments


Men’s 4

Set by Carlo. Undercling, sloper gaston left, out to incut gaston right, hand-foot match cross, drop down to undercling, tricky sequence of hand bumps, up to pinch, up… When watching the earlier problems it seemed like the climbers who set them had a plan and then other climbers found other ways to do them. The hand sequence at the bottom of this problem seemed to be unskippable, and everybody did the same thing until the jump to the pinch. Everyone but Daniel even used the same foot maneuvers.

Daniel on the 2nd move.

Carlo with the hand-foot match just before the low cross.

Nalle doing the cross at the start. You can just see his foot up behind him.

Then your foot comes off and it puts you in this position. Then bump right out to undercling, then…

Daniel on the first crux, bumping the left hand back down to the good incut with the tick on it. Then right hand up where left is now and jump to the pinch.

Dave fell on this jump to the pinch. Most went left hand and caught it as a hamhock, Daniel went right hand.

Magnus copped a rest in the middle on a pinch. Next move out to the green feature, match it, flip it…

…and Daniel went to the undercling left hand first…

…Nalle did this strenuous looking cross. So did Magnus and Carlo.

Daniel one move from the top. Double-undercling cross to the pinch. Jump to the finish.

The last hold was not a jug, but it was good enough.

Nalle at the top



“The Battle” Norway Men’s 5 and Podium & links to Women’s

“The Battle” Norway Men’s 5 and Podium

September 9, 2012 3 comments

Men’s 5

The final boulder was set by Magnus Midtbo and looked to be quite strenuous.

Dave used the toehook method for the start.

Nalle and everybody else used this heel-hook left hand first method.

After matching the tiny undercling pocket everyone gastoned left on this foot chip. Then either dynoed or extended to the holds atop the eyeball.

Magnus finally abandoned the double dyno and went with the left hand first, then crossed under to the yellow, tried to match, then went back to the cross and pulled up into a lock-off to the next right hand hold.

Dave struggling on the eyeball.

Carlo in the middle moves.

These moves seemed cruiser compared to the rest. Magnus even rested here before the difficult jump out left to the first of the last two pockets.

The little pockets at the top.

The second crux of men’s 5 seemed to be the last move. Nalle was the first to get here but with both feet slipping off the big teal eyeball he was unable or unwilling to move to the top and dropped off.

Nalle got to the last move but couldn’t or wouldn’t do the far pull off the little pockets with no feet to grab the finish.

Nalle looked exhausted just after dropping off the last move of problem 5.

Daniel came next and found a slightly different solution…

Daniel used both toes for a minute before shifting to his left heel to get his hand to the finish box.

After much effort on the bottom Magnus eventually abandoned his sequence and powered through. The top proved less of a problem for him as he, too, hooked the wall in the finish box and moved in to match it for the problem’s 3rd send.

Daniel hitting the finish box. He was the first to get here and the crowd went wild.

Carlo was very psyched to finish this for his 4th top.


Men’s Podium


The winner :: Daniel Woods

Announcer. 1. Daniel 2. Carlo 3. Magnus 4. Nalle

3. Magnus 4. Nalle 5. Dave (all in black)



“The Battle” Norway – Women’s 1 & 2 and links to athlete intro and 3 & 4 and podium

“The Battle” Norway

September 8, 2012 2 comments

One of the two walls set for women’s and men’s finals. From the left, men’s 1, women’s 1, women’s 2, men’s 2.

This comp is cool because the competitors get to set their own problems. A very small field of 5 men and 4 women got to set their own problems and work on all of the problems yesterday. Today are finals, and each competitor gets 4 minutes per problem to try and send. They climb in rotating schedule, so they can get up to 12 minutes (women) and 16 minutes (men) rest in between climbs. If someone sends fast, the rest is shorter though. Women’s routes are in red, men’s are in teal.

The other wall. From the left, women’s 3, men’s 3, women’s 4, men’s 4, men’s 5.

The problems were set on 2 awesome looking Walltopia walls, one with a big eyeball feature in it. (above). 2 problems for girls and 2 for guys on the first wall, 2 girls and 3 guys on the second wall. The climbers climbed in order of their problems, with women climbing first and men later after they’d stripped the women’s problems. Here are the women:

Set problem 1, climbed first on each. Magnus’ sister.

Set problem 2, climbed 2nd on each problem.

Set 3rd boulder, climbed 3rd.

Set last, climbed last.

And the men:

Set problem 1, climbed 1st on all.

Set 2nd boulder, climbed 2nd.

Set 3rd boulder, climbed 3rd.

Carlo set the 4th boulder and climbed 4th.

Set the last problem and climbed last. The home country favorite.

Everyone said they were tired from setting and forerunning yesterday, but they still managed to put on a great show. The live feed was excellent, the best I’ve seen in terms of feed quality, plus the graphics were good and the instant replays were instant. Very nice job on that, and it makes sense since it was apparently done by Norway’s national broadcasting organization. It’ll be good to see more high quality feeds at other climbing events in the future (we can only hope!).

Upcoming posts will lay out the women’s and men’s problems and results. UPDATE: The Problems:

Women’s 1 & 2

Women’s 3 & 4 & Results

Men’s 1 – ? apparently I forgot this one?

Men’s 2 & 3

Men’s 4

Men’s 5 and podium

ABS Nationals Videos! – Updated with 2 new videos!

March 1, 2012 Leave a comment

From Five Ten we have this video featuring short interviews with some athletes and some highlights:

From Jon Glassberg/Louder Than 11, we have the Finals Highlights videos:

And if you are interested in watching more of the comp, these next four videos show every attempt of every competitor on each finals problem. If you watch them all in a row it is similar to watching the whole comp. For those who enjoy competitions, setting, or seeing how different pro climbers approach the same problems.


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