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Eindhoven IFSC World Cup 2011 Final Results, Daniel Woods 2nd Place + Screenshots from the Live Feed!

June 18, 2011 2 comments

Daniel Woods takes 2nd place!

Daniel staring down the last move on his flash of Men's Final 4.

The Eindhoven finals were very exciting to watch, especially the 4th Men’s problem (pictured above), which started out looking too easy as it was flashed by Thomas Caleyron and Francois Kaiser.  Next Dave Barrans came out and started off strong, only to misjudge his feet and fall in the middle.  Dmitry Sharafutdinov also got too hurried, and instead of figuring out the last-move heel hook he jumped for the last hold and fell.  He sent 2nd go.  Daniel came out and flashed handily, securing a second place and keeping him in the running for first–a place it looked like he might take as Kilian fell in the middle of final 4 on his first try.  After taking a few moments to compose himself, Kilian jumped back on and finished the problem, keeping his win.

Kilian after falling from the middle of Men's Final 4

Kilian at the top of Men's 4


Daniel, Kilian, Francois, and Dmitry

They gave the top 3 champagne, which they shook and sprayed. To the delight of the crowd, Daniel skipped the spraying and went straight to drinking his before passing it down to the 4th, 5th, and 6th place competitors.

A toast.

The French team took both 3rd places, and for some reason they also both threw their flowers.

Commentators and competitors Chris Webb-Parsons and Alex Johnson.

The view from the soggy crowd. At least they were able to put their umbrellas away for awards.

Women’s finals were similarly exciting, and after the first few problems the field was broken down into Anna Stöhr and Akiyo Noguchi fighting for first and Melissa Le Neve and Juliane Wurm battling it out for third.  On problem 4 the first two competitors got shut down on the very powerful 3rd move.  Juliane came out and made some great attempts, but the move to the bonus hold (from the volume to the volume, in the screenshot below) proved to be a bit too long for her.  Melissa almost flashed the problem, moving confidently through the bottom only to fall off the last hold.  Her second go was successful, and she secured her 3rd place.

Anna Stöhr first try on Women's Final 4

It came down to Anna and Akiyo, and attempts were definitely still a factor in determining the winner.  Anna came out first, climbed straight through the bottom, then fell from the last move as Melissa had.  Her next go was successful, but Akiyo gained just a little more room to keep her first place.  Akiyo came out all smiles and hiked the problem in what seemed like 10 seconds flat, then trotted back to iso with a first place win and a big grin on her face.

Anna, Akiyo, Melissa, Juliane



Shaking champagne...

It got a bit soggy up there for Akiyo.


Vail 2010 Top Falls

June 8, 2010 5 comments

I took a bunch of pictures, and over and over again my favorites were the ones of people falling.  Sorry guys, everyone likes to see you succeed, but some of these expressions and body positions are priceless.  Here are the best of the best, in reverse order:

12 – Last year’s winner Jonas Baumann just missing the flash of Men’s Semifinal 4

Jonas Baumann | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

11. Second-place finisher Tsukuru Hori falling way out from the last move on Men’s Final 2

Tsukuru Hori | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

10. Winner Daniel Woods missing the last dyno on the unsent Men’s Final 3

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

9. Canadian strong-boy Sean McColl missing the huge last move on Men’s Semi 3

Sean McColl | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

8. Alex Puccio looking for a good landing after sending Women’s Final 1

Alex Puccio | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

7. 2008 winner and World Cup Champion Kilian Fischuber not doing the dyno on Men’s Final 4

Kilian Fischuber | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

6. Again!

Kilian Fischuber | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

5. Ryan Olson taking a winger on Men’s Quali 1.  He sent 2nd 3rd try.

Ryan Olson | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

4. Wouter Jongeneelen pretty mad about missing the end dyno of Men’s Final 3. No one stuck it.

Wouter Jongeneelen | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

3. Daniel Woods sliding into home off Men’s Final 4’s starting dyno

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

2. Francois Kaiser showing some French style off Men’s Final 3

Francois Kaiser | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

1. Daniel Woods about to belly flop on his first fall off the Men’s Final 4 dyno

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle


As you all know by now, Daniel eventually stuck the dyno and won the comp.  The thing is, it was clear he’d won before he even got on this problem, but he took a beating anyways because he’s a good competitor and it was good sportsmanship for him to try his hardest to send the problem and give us all a show (a feat that he almost accomplished until the final foothold dropped him off just short of the last jug on his last try).  Thanks Daniel!  Hope you weren’t too bruised up from all of this!

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