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SBS 9 Gladiator Finals Open Results!!! + first photos

February 1, 2014 Leave a comment
Alex Manikowski going big for third place.

Alex Manikowski going big for third place on the ENIX men’s final.

The SBS 9 Final Comp, Gladiator Finals, just finished and it was a great comp! We’ll post more photos and redpoint results soon, but for now, here are a few photos and the results of the Open Final.

Men’s Open Final

The Men’s final was set with 10 holds from Enix which is an awesome newish hold company out of Arizona. The shapes we got, 5 big pinches and 5 big slopers, are really comfortable and fun to climb on.

1. Matthew Cysner came out of nowhere to FLASH the men’s final and win!

2. Remi Arata 9- 1st go

3. Alex Manikowski 9- 2nd go

4. Ben Hoberg 8

5. Garrett Gregor 8-

6. Dave Tieri 5-

7. Shawn Raboutou 4-

(We feel we should note that the reaches on the final boulder were just a bit too long for Shawn. He did some amazing moves to overcome the bottom but the problem had to be way way way harder for him on every move. Nice job Shawn and thanks for trying hard and putting on a good show!)


Isabelle Faus looking strong on the big Teknik pinches in the middle of the women's final.

Isabelle Faus looking strong on the big Teknik pinches in the middle of the women’s final.

Women’s Open Final

The Women’s Final started with a technical rock-over to a big pinch, a couple powerful moves across and up some big pinches in the roof, a big cross to an edge and a jump out of it, then a balancy and crimpy rock-over at the finish.

1. Megan Mascarenas FLASH!

2. Margo Hayes 17+/18-

3. Tiffany Hensley 17+

4. Isabelle Faus 13-

5. Isabelle Goodacre 12

6.Courtney Woods 10

7. Ashley Edens 9+


SBS 9 – Dyno Mite – Results!

September 22, 2013 Leave a comment

Spot SBS 9 Start Tape

Thanks to everyone who came out for the first comp of Spot Bouldering Series Season 9! Dyno Mite was a great success with a good turnout of competitors for the youth and adult sessions, a wild dyno comp with awesome jumps from all the competitors, an open final where the top 6 men and women from the main session battled it out on a single finals boulder, and a huge raffle to raise $$ for Boulder Flood Relief efforts.


Open Final Results

1. Alex Johnson                             1. Carlo Traversi

2. Margo Hayes                            2. Nicholas Milburn

3. Megan Mascarenas                3. Alex Manikowski

4. Nina Williams                            4. Matt Lubar

5. Brooke Raboutou                   5. Taylor Rose

6. Courtney Sanders                   6. Garrett Gregor

See results from the redpoint sessions here: The Spot Bouldering Gym SBS 9

Brooke Raboutou SBS 9 Open Finals by Jackie Hueftle

Youngest finalist Brooke Raboutou giving her all with some very good attempts on the Women’s Open Final


Next up – Psychedelia! Our famous blacklight competition and costume contest will be October 26th this year. Start planning your costume!

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