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Quick Reset Update + More Gladiator Comp Photos

February 5, 2013 1 comment

Sorry it’s taken so long to write up the women’s finals and the rest of the comp, we’ve been really busy resetting. Women’s finals will be up soon–later today or tomorrow night.

Reset Update

If you’ve been in the gym, you’ll see we’ve got new problems up on the Font, River, Dojo, and Back Hueco boulders. More on the Hueco and maybe the Beach tomorrow. Also, Danny will be gone for about a month–he’s headed to France to climb in the World’s Greatest Bouldering Area. Have fun Danny! Today was his last set til he gets back, and he and Connor apparently called each other before work this morning, so Annie took this photo:

Danny and Connor Same shirt The Spot Setting Crew

Nice shirt, guys.

More Comp Photos

Several talented photographers were on hand and took some great photos of all rounds at The Gladiator Finals. You can see most of the ones we’ve seen on The Spot Facebook page. You can also link to albums from the photographers. Here are a few shots with links at the bottom in case you haven’t seen ’em yet.

Michael O'Rourke The Spot Gladiator Finals by Page Kuepper SBS 8

Michael O’Rourke on the Men’s Final | Page Kuepper

Daniel Woods The Spot Gladiator Finals SBS 8 by Katrin Bell

Daniel on the Men’s Final | Katrin Bell

Gladiator Jousting The Spot Gym SBS 8 by Page Kuepper

Matty Hong The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Final by Katrin Bell

Matty Hong on the Men’s Final | Katrin Bell

Colin Duffy Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Final by Page Kuepper

This kid is the future, and you heard it here first. Colin Duffy. | Page Kuepper

Daniel Woods Men's Final SBS 8 Gladiator Final by Page Kuepper

Men’s Final | Page Kuepper

Shawn Raboutou SBS 8 Gladiator Final by Page Kuepper

O6, Shawn Raboutou | Page Kuepper

Michael Bartley Team ABC Boulder The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Final by Page Kuepper

Michael Bartley | Page Kuepper

Dave Graham The Spot Gym SBS 8 Gladiator Final Men's Open Final by Page Kuepper

Dave Graham | Page Kuepper

The Spot Facebook

Gladiator Finals album by Ryan Nadlonek

Katrin Bell Photography

Page Kuepper Photography

Stay tuned, more coming soon!!!


UPDATED – Strong Kids! And Traversi, Traversa, are you confused yet?

March 26, 2011 Leave a comment

A year or so ago we were pretty amused to find a new name popping up on – Tito Claudio Traversa.  Why were we amused?  Doesn’t it sound familiar?

They sound the same, but they don’t really look the same.  So far at least.  We’ll see how Tito turns out in ten more years.


The left hand crux hold of Jade | Carlo Traversi

Tito Claudio Traversa

In case you haven’t heard of him, Tito is a young (he was born in 2001!) Italian kid who happens to be climbing quite hard for his age, with two 8b (5.13d) ascents topping his 17 climbs 13a and harder including one 13a onsight.  The guy who runs loves to reprint Tito news, but it is certainly true that Tito seems to be prepared to take the climbing world by storm.

Speaking of young kids climbing 8b’s, Shawn (12) and Brooke Raboutou (9) are currently crushing it crushed over their spring break trip to the Red River Gorge.

Brooke Raboutou

Shawn Raboutou

Shawn climbed two 13d’s, Ultra Perm and Swingline, in only 5 and 4 tries, respectively.  He also onsighted Easy Rider (13a), flashed Skinboat (13a) and did Snooker first try this year (also 13a).  His hardest route to date is 14a.

Brooke did her first 13d with Swingtime, and it only took her 2 tries!  Her other RRG sends were Skinboat and Snooker, both of which she did 2nd try.  Her previous route best was 13b, and as far as I know she has never climbed a 13c.  She just skipped straight to 13d!

Their fellow ABC team member Margo Hayes, who you will remember from her stunning performance in the SBS V!! Gladiator Finals has done several 12d’s and 13a’s.


Margo Hayes | Keith North

All 3 kids climb at the Spot sometimes and are coached by Shawn and Brooke’s mother Robyn Erbesfield-Raboutou (who, at age 47, also just climbed 2 13d’s at the Red!), as well as Spot Setter Garrett Gregor, who ALSO just sent his first 13d at the Red–not bad for a boulderer, huh?

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