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A little more Vail 2010 and a Setting Update for June 8 and 9

June 10, 2010 1 comment

Daniel Woods can often be found at The Spot, or on the front page of the paper!

Late night forerunning in Vail | Jackie Hueftle

Official final scores for Men

Official final scores for Women

Jonny Hork Forerunning Women's Semis on Friday night

Oh yeah, and Rock and Ice made a semifinals highlights video HERE.

Back at the Spot, this week things finally got back to normal after several weeks of competition setting and resetting.  Though Jonny was still in Vail and recovering from Vail, and Jay Jay is in California, Garret, Carlo, Jon, and I stripped the left side of the river wall and re-set it, so all the problems are new and improved, just for you!  Also, Jon found the most comfortable seat in the house.

Jon in a bucket

Did we mention the Spot has air conditioning?  It’s cooler than outside, so see you here!

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Vail 2010 Top Falls

June 8, 2010 5 comments

I took a bunch of pictures, and over and over again my favorites were the ones of people falling.  Sorry guys, everyone likes to see you succeed, but some of these expressions and body positions are priceless.  Here are the best of the best, in reverse order:

12 – Last year’s winner Jonas Baumann just missing the flash of Men’s Semifinal 4

Jonas Baumann | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

11. Second-place finisher Tsukuru Hori falling way out from the last move on Men’s Final 2

Tsukuru Hori | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

10. Winner Daniel Woods missing the last dyno on the unsent Men’s Final 3

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

9. Canadian strong-boy Sean McColl missing the huge last move on Men’s Semi 3

Sean McColl | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

8. Alex Puccio looking for a good landing after sending Women’s Final 1

Alex Puccio | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

7. 2008 winner and World Cup Champion Kilian Fischuber not doing the dyno on Men’s Final 4

Kilian Fischuber | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

6. Again!

Kilian Fischuber | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

5. Ryan Olson taking a winger on Men’s Quali 1.  He sent 2nd 3rd try.

Ryan Olson | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

4. Wouter Jongeneelen pretty mad about missing the end dyno of Men’s Final 3. No one stuck it.

Wouter Jongeneelen | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

3. Daniel Woods sliding into home off Men’s Final 4’s starting dyno

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

2. Francois Kaiser showing some French style off Men’s Final 3

Francois Kaiser | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

1. Daniel Woods about to belly flop on his first fall off the Men’s Final 4 dyno

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle

Daniel Woods | Vail 2010 | Jackie Hueftle


As you all know by now, Daniel eventually stuck the dyno and won the comp.  The thing is, it was clear he’d won before he even got on this problem, but he took a beating anyways because he’s a good competitor and it was good sportsmanship for him to try his hardest to send the problem and give us all a show (a feat that he almost accomplished until the final foothold dropped him off just short of the last jug on his last try).  Thanks Daniel!  Hope you weren’t too bruised up from all of this!

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