Here are some little bits from our many comps, events, and ramblings, plus some shenanigans.
Updated 9-5-12.


World Record?

Kyle Owen doing a crazy campus dyno


Highball/Highline Comp 2010


Where Are The Diamonds?!

The best movie that never got made.


Colorado Alpine Summer 2011

Jon, Danny, Connor, occasional guest setter Kevin Jorgeson, and a handful of other folks climbing in the park, with a couple of random problems from elsewhere.



Paul Robinson comes back for short visit to Boulder.



The new Colorado Summer Hot Spot


The Swiss Account

Jon, Carlo and Connor took a trip to Switzerland. Free full-length video, click through for the download.


The Gun Show!


Friend Abuse


Understanding The Pogo


Battle in The Bubble 2010


Men of Routsetting 2010

Free 2010 MOR Calendar Download!



RMNP Video Page

Louder Than 11

Jon’s Vimeo Channel



Jackie Hueftle on the Butterpumper V? – Dead Point Magazine

Videos from Jackie’s Trip to Font (2009) – Off Circuit in Font (Deadpoint Magazine) – Fifty Days in Font (Modump)

Jackie’s Vimeo Channel



Jonny Hork • RMNP • 50/50 (V10) on Vimeo

European Human Being (V12) on Vimeo

Green 45 Stand (V11) and The Lockness Monster (V12) on Vimeo



Jon Glassberg & Danny Ciavarro • Horsetooth Reservoir • Doxology (V11) Moon Arete (V9) Pinch Overhang (V5) on Vimeo

Louder Than 11 Crew in Hueco Tanks, Texas



Dave Wetmore • Busted Shadow Assis (V13) • Bradley, CT on Vimeo

Dave Wetmore • Supernova (5.14b) • Rumney, NH

Dave, Jon, and friends Full Length Free Video – Park Life – Yosemite Bouldering

Dave and friends Full Length Free Video – Straight Out Of Africa

David Wetmore Channel on Vimeo



Louder Than Eleven – Early Season RMNP on Vimeo

Switzerland 2010 • Cresciano • Jon Glassberg, Connor Griffith, Paul Robinson, & Carlo Traversi on Vimeo

Switzerland 2010 • Chironico • Jon Glassberg, Connor Griffith, Carlo Traversi, & Dai Koyomada on Vimeo

Connor and friends, Alpine Bouldering – Summer 2011 – Louder Than 11 on Vimeo


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