Occasional Setters

Sometimes our setters have to move on to other jobs, but we love when they come back and set with us for a few days here and there for for an event. These setters are great because they give our members a little something different, which is nice once in a while. After all, variety is the spice of life.

Danny Ciavarro

Danny Ciavarro  |  DC

Danny was a long-time regular setter at The Spot but now he’s got a shiny new job with Salewa USA. Lucky for us he’s going to come back and help with comps!  Danny’s Spot Bio.


Ian Powell. Photo for Rock and Ice by Caroline Treadway

Ian Powell. Photo for Rock and Ice by Caroline Treadway  |  IP

Ian mostly shapes holds for his new hold company Kilter Climbing Grips, but sometimes he’ll come in and throw up some boulders or help us out with comps. See his Spot bio here.


Connor Griffith

Connor Griffith  |  CAG

Connor left us for Denver, but sometimes he comes back to help us set a comp or just because he misses us. Read his Spot bio here: Connor Griffith


Lily  |  Lily

Lily | Lily

Lily’s in Denver in design school, but sometimes she comes and helps us out! Lily started out as an intern and later became a valuable full-time setter. Now we’re happy to have her visit when she can! Lily Cornett Spot Bio


Michael O'Rourke  |  MO

Michael O’Rourke | MO

Until recently Mike was a full time setter at The Spot, but now he’s learning to frame houses and build stuff. We miss him already! Michael O’Rourke Spot Bio


Kevin Cuckovich (KC)

Kevin Cuckovich (KC)

Kevin is in California right now but he’ll be back through here and there to set some classic Kevin climbs. Kevin Cuckovich Spot Bio


spectre jon

Jon Glassberg | jG

Jon was a full time setter at The Spot for several years, but now his production company LT11 is demanding more and more of his time. Luckily he is still able to help with comps sometimes! Jon Glassberg Spot Bio


Ian Dory  |  ID

Ian Dory | ID

Ian Dory was a full time setter, coach, and general handyman at The Spot a few years ago, but now he’s back in school, has a beautiful son with his wife, Jes, and is making his name on the national stage via the TV show American Ninja Warrior! We don’t graced with his company much, but we miss him and we love when he comes in to set a creative Ian Dory classic.  Ian Dory Spot Bio

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