Ian Powell

Ian Powell Workshop by CarolineIan Powell is one of the pioneering hold shapers in the US (probably the World). He started E-Grips, which was at the forefront of urethane hold production. His shapes are sold by companies including e-Grips and Revolution, and he’s got his own new company as well, Kilter.

kilter-grips1 logo

Kilter Grips Sandstone

Kilter Grips Sandstone. Look at that texture.

Check out all the holds – www.kiltergrips.com

Ian’s more of a power lifter now, but when he was younger he was very into dyno and speed climbing, competed for the US in International competitions, and once held a world record. He’s also got first ascents in Hueco Tanks and local Colorado climbing areas.

His setting style is a bit different–he focuses on technique and movements that require thinking outside of the box. He also enjoys setting dynos and set the crazy dyno finals for SBS 9 Dyno-Mite.

Photo for Rock and Ice by Caroline Treadway

Photo for Rock and Ice by Caroline Treadway

Ian is also a crazy good artist who has seen many sides of life that most of us (fortunately) don’t even know exist. He works in 2D and 3D — from drawing to sculpting with paper, plastic, foam, concrete, and stone.

Close up of a wall sculpture. Mid-2000s.

Close up of a wall sculpture. Mid-2000s.

Ian hand in his sculpture by Robert Thoren

Ian sanding a sculpture by Robert Thoren - one of the best

If you want to know more about Ian check out this feature story Caroline Treadway wrote for Rock and Ice in 2013: Life on Hold: The Ian Powell Story

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