Connor Griffith

Connor Griffith hails from Northern California where he started climbing and setting at Vertex (same gym as Kevin Jorgeson, Charlie Barrett, and Carlo!).

Connor Griffith

Connor’s Glorious Beard | Jon Glassberg photo

Connor has been a longtime guest setter at The Spot and Summer 2012 he joined the crew full time. We are very excited to have him setting with us regularly, as he’s a great setter and very fun to have around. Connor has many nicknames including Corn, Corn-Dog, and General Cornwallace.

When he’s not at The Spot, Connor can be found climbing outdoors, working nights at a fancy restaurant, hanging out with his girlfriend, and cultivating his very fine beard. He’s also been setting in Denver for our friends at the Denver Bouldering Club.

Scroll down for more pictures and video!

Connor by Bear Cam Media

Twisting The Knife V7/8 Lincoln Lake Colorado by Ivo Penchev

Connor at the top of Babyface (V7) in Hueco

Connor in the air

See the Poudre 2 video on our videos page for more on this

Connor, boulder

Climbing is hard!

See more of Connor:

On our videos page – Videos « The Spot Route Setting Blog

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